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Multiculturalism in America

Multiculturalism is nothing but multiple cultures living in the same society in an organized manner. People from different countries, ethnicity, traditions and backgrounds live and work together. This amazing feature is an important part of American society.

Many people from different countries started immigrating to the US in the 19th century. However, multiculturalism began in the US in the 1950s when the Civil Rights Movement started. This movement played a crucial part in highlighting issues such as inequality, discrimination and oppression. People started putting pressure not just on the government, but also on social institutions to treat them as equal. Figures such as George Washington Carver, William James and Charles H. Wesley were responsible for encouraging multiculturalism in the US. They all believed in living in a plural society that treated everyone at par and as equals.

The US has always proudly allowed people freedom to practice their own religion and express their thoughts. Regardless of culture, people are allowed equal opportunities. Today, the US has a vast number of Hispanics and Asians living there, and to have an egalitarian society, the people have to be willing to accept multiculturalism as part of their society.

The fastest growing group in the US is that of the Asian-Americans and Hispanics. The federal government has strict laws to promote an equal society and as a result of so many different cultures living in one place, America has truly become a melting pot of cultures. Minorities, Native Americans, African-Americans and immigrants from all corners of the world live harmoniously together forging a deeper bond.

As aspect of American society has had a deeper effect. There is a demand across the board that people from all walks of life should be able to enjoy equal rights. Hence, different communities and intellects came together to demand for rights for oppressed groups like lesbians, gays, the downtrodden and seniors.

In the education sector, no discrimination is allowed and child from all ethnicities and cultures are allowed to enter any education institution. Even in business and industry sectors, people are given rights for equal participation regardless of their backgrounds.

While there are some drawbacks to multiculturalism, it is the pros that one should always concentrate on. A society should not be discouraged to absorb people from different backgrounds.