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How To Become A Professional Teacher (AKA Teachers Guide)

A professional teacher is a tutor or teacher who imparted knowledge to students. Since education is the bedrock of national development, therefore we need a professional teacher to teach and transmit these knowledge to the students and unborn generation in all fields of human endeavors.

To become a professional teacher you must have gone through teacher training colleges, polytechnics, Universities to acquire the basic skills of teaching and obtained a certificate as a teacher.

Meanwhile let us now look at how to teach and impart knowledge to the students.

1 LESSON PLAN-A teacher must have a lesson plan that spells out the topics, time or durations and objectives of the lesson.

2 LESSON NOTE-The teacher must have a planned lesson notes and prepared it according to the lesson plan and the scheme of work and curriculum. This is written and submitted to the headteacher or Principal for marking and approval before teaching.

3 TEACHERS INTRODUCTION-A teacher first introduces himself or herself to the students by telling them his or her names with smiles and compliment and enthusiasm while the students also tell the teacher their names too.

4 TIME TABLE-The teacher provided time table to be followed in carrying out his duty on daily basis.

5 PERIOD COVERED-/TIME-There must be a specific time period for each subject to be taught. The ideal time or duration is 45min-one hour period for easy assimilation.

6 TEACHING METHOD-The teacher must adopt a teaching methods in order to pass the message across to the students. There are various teaching methods among which are listening methods, questions and answer methods, play way methods, descriptive methods and experimental methods etc. Teacher should adopt simple methods that the students can easily understand.

7 REVISION OF PREVIOUS LESSON TAUGHT-The previous lesson taught must be revised by the teacher before starting to teach a new topics on the subject to register students understanding of the subject matter. Teacher should register any problems identified and solve before going to the days topic or subject.

8 MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION- The teacher must measure and evaluate rate of assimilation by students so as to know may be the students really understand the lesson taught.

9 QUESTIONS AND ANSWER TIME-The teacher must provide time for questions and answer between him and the students, he then corrects mistakes where necessary.

10 TEST ADMINISTRATION-A test must be given to the students at the end of each lesson to test their rate of understanding and should be marked immediately and recorded as continuous assessment for the student.

11 GOOD RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TEACHER AND THE STUDENTS-The teacher should response to students on matters that need urgent attention. Do not disregard students questions. Answer the questions readily either good or bad but give them a positive answer and in case you cannot find answer the their questions, give to them as an assignment while you have time to look for the solution before the next period or class. Please do not give them wrong answer because their future lies in today’s foundation.

12 TEACHING AIDS-The teacher must have well designed teaching aids to show the students about the subject matter. It helps the students to register their interest and make learning more interesting and memorable.

13 GIFTED AND UN GIFTED STUDENTS-Some students are more gifted more than others in learning, therefore the teacher should try to identify those gifted and less gifted students and separate them while paying more attention to the less gifted student so that the class becomes balanced.

14 ASSIGNMENT-The teacher must give to the students assignment on regular basis so that it will keep them busy and master the topics or lesson. The teacher should mark the assignment as soon as possible.

15 EXAMINATION-The teacher must conducts an examination termly or at the end of each academic session to measure the rate of students performance and eligibility to go to the next class or promotional purposes. This makes them to graduate from one class to the other. it is very important.

16 REGISTERS AND DIARIES-The teacher should get registers and diaries to record the names of the students on daily basis. it is done according to classes and mark on daily basis to determine the late comers and truancy among students.

17 CLASSROOM INSPECTIONS BY TEACHERS-It is the duties of the teachers to inspect the students and classroom before beginning a new days job or teaching. Check the students dresses and uniform if they are in good order and also personal hygiene among student like neatness, hair style, fingernails, teeth etc. This helps to promote good and healthy learning environment while teaching.

Above all, since teaching provides us with good employment and sources of income, let the teachers wake up to their responsibilities and affect and impact the students positively for they are the future leaders.

Tomorrow many students taught by these teacher will emerge as doctors, engineers, lawyers, high business icon and lots more.

Meanwhile I am a professional teacher for many years with wealth of experience both in public and private sector and have attended many seminars and workshop on school management and i know what it takes to become a professional teacher.

Therefore be a good teacher that your students will respect you and leave a legacy for them to follow in future.